Laurie Frank Photographer and Tattoo Artist


Laurie Frank is a passionate independent photographer and an handpoke tattooer from Strasbourg, who lives in Zurich. We love her expressive work and her jewellery collection, which is designed in collaboration with the designer Knobbly Studio from Tel Aviv. More about her work can you read here.

MARNO: How would you describe your tattoo style?
Laurie: Minimal, abstract sometimes and I think delicate.


MARNO: Which statement should the motive -the female body- express? How did you come up with the idea?
Laurie: In my photographs I already worked with female bodies, so I guess it’s just the continuity of this. But it’s not all about this, it’s also about love. Couples, and sometimes more people doing some weird things with their bodies. Bodies with each other. Life, kind of. In a more sexual and intimate way.

MARNO: You also photograph and draw. Do the motives reflect here again?
It’s like a room full of mirrors. Photography help to draw, drawings helps to take pictures it’s a good combination to find inspiration.

deadseapola1 deadseapola
MARNO: You also design jewellery in collaboration with the Israeli jewelery maker „Knobbly Studio„. Can we buy the jewelery also in Switzerland?
Laurie: Yes ,you can buy it at WE SHOW OFF* in the center of Zurich or you can send me an email (*at the moment you can also see the exhibition Bodies And Forms we made with Andrea Forgacs)

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MARNO: What is your favorite piece of jewelery?
A gold bangle my mum gave me for my birthday made from ancient jewels we had in the family.
It’s a simple jewel but timeless. I never take it off.

MARNO: What does #swissgirlpower mean for you?
Laurie: Creativity and independence.

Thank you very much Laurie for that interview!

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